Grandparent Visitation Rights

When parents divorce and have to make custody decisions, it can be difficult to fully agree on the arrangements for the children. It can be even more challenging when trying to factor in time to be spent with grandparents. While it can be assumed that a child will visit their grandparents when they’re with the respective parent, this may not be the case for all families. A family law attorney in Chester NJ can assist in making such arrangements before presenting it to a judge to make it official. There are certain requirements to fulfill before grandparents can be granted court-appointed visitation. A New Jersey family law firm can give a detailed explanation of what’s needed and how you can prove that this necessary for your custody agreement.

The Edens Law Group has worked on many cases that request a variety of visitation arrangements. In order to have time with grandparents included in the custody agreement, the party making the request must show that the child will experience harm if the designated visitation doesn’t happen. It is best to work with a family law attorney in Chester NJ that can prepare the necessary documentation on your behalf. It is rare that requests of this nature are approved, which is why you need a New Jersey family law firm on your side.

In addition to handling cases regarding grandparent visitation rights, the Edens Law Group specializes in other aspects of family law. Our professionals have helped many clients as they seek to create plans that are best for their families. We can help you, too. A member of our staff will help you secure an appointment with an attorney to begin working on your case. Contact our office today for a consultation.