Focused on making sure time and money were not wasted. Made sure focus remained on the children during a very stressful time. Explained the “why” of the settlement, which was very helpful in providing perspective.

- Fred K

My experience with the firm of Edens Law Group during perhaps the most difficult time in my life was nothing short of excellent and caring. I came to the firm as most would, without any real experience of the Legal system beyond having been called for Jury Duty. I certainly had never experienced the Family Court system in Morris County. Divorce is a difficult process at best.

Attorneys Josephine Iandoli and Stefanie Gagliardi provided me with first-rate legal and tactical advice throughout the long and difficult process leading up to the divorce itself as well as on a number of post-judgment matters. Their advice was always practical and caring. They often talked me “off the ledge” and led me to solid outcomes based on their knowledge of the Law and the Courts.

I would advise anyone considering divorce to consult with this firm. Their conduct always demonstrated the highest ethical standards. I always felt that they had my best interests at heart.

- Patrick, Chester, NJ

I am most pleased with the legal services I have received from Edens Law Group, LLC for my lengthy law matter along past years. They are highly professional, proficient and friendly in all dealings. All staff are more than willing to be efficient and helpful and they ran my requests quickly and smoothly. Based on my experiences with the firm and the way they helped me with my law matter, efficiently and with integrity, I did and will recommend them to family, friends and colleagues. It is reassuring to know that I can depend on their expertise for any future needs with full trust and confidence.

- Petru T., Randolph, NJ

My attorney J. Iandoli, Esq. did an excellent job representing me and advising me during a very unpleasant and often one sided (my ex-wife money was all she wanted), divorce. Josephine was a very experienced, smart and thoughtful counselor. I gladly recommend her and her team of attorneys.

- John F., Mendham, NJ

I would whole heartedly recommend Josephine & Ann to handle the most sensitive and most important legal issues for you. Not only do they produce good results in extremely difficult circumstances, in emotionally charged climates, but they take the time to explain what they are doing and what could be the resulting consequences. So the client is fully aware of upside, downside and the likely result. Their caring attitude combined with their intelligence, street smarts and tenacity would be what you as a client would want and with Jo & Anne that is exactly what you’ll get. No excuses, no runaround just their very best effort for you.

- Steve S., Glen Rock, NJ