The Importance Of Having A Buyer’s Attorney When Purchasing Your Marital Home

The well-known story of the Broadduses home in Westfield, New Jersey proves that even with due diligence and an attorney, when it comes to New Jersey real estate, anything can happen. The infamous house purchased by the Broadduses in 2014 for 1.3 million, built in 1905, finally sold on July 1 for about $959,000, according.. Read More

How Can Therapy Help Our Marriage?

When a relationship breaks down, it can feel like all hope is lost. There are, however, ways to bring some relationships back to a stronger place than ever. One possible method for accomplishing this is through the use of couple’s counseling. According to the New Jersey family lawyers at Edens Law Group, therapy can be incredibly helpful.. Read More

Same Sex Marriage in New Jersey

In October of 2013, same sex marriages were legalized in the State of New Jersey. As this Article is being written, the United States Supreme Court is in the process of deciding this issue on the Federal level. Both the New Jersey ruling and certainly the outcome of the United States Supreme Court’s deliberations have far reaching.. Read More