Top Mistakes to Avoid in Your Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a tough process. It is no wonder, then, that so many people make mistakes when they are trying to sort things out. According to the Edens Law Group family attorneys in New Jersey, the mistakes described below are among the most common to happen during the divorce process. One major mistake.. Read More

Four Tips to Get Control of Your Divorce

A divorce is never an easy situation. It is an emotional roller coaster that can easily take its toll on you emotionally, psychologically and physically. It can make you feel out of control. However, there are ways you can get control of your divorce. During a divorce, it’s far too easy to fall into a.. Read More

Considering a Mediated Divorce

The mediation process is an alternative to the litigation process to reach settlement of all issues prior to a couple divorcing. Mediation encourages the couple to reach an amicable agreement on all issues. The couple, with the help of the mediator, works through the mediation process to reach an amicable settlement. Because mediated agreements are.. Read More

Marital Settlement Agreement

A Marital Settlement Agreement is a legal binding contract. It should include all aspects of all of the issues that need to be addressed between the parties. For example, it should include all of the issues pertaining to custody such as who has legal custody, who is the parent of primary residence, when will the.. Read More