Am I Able to Contest an Annulment?

While some marriages end in divorce, others could be eligible for an annulment. If you have been told that your marriage is going to be annulled, what does this mean? Are you able to contest this? This is a complicated situation, which is why you should rely on a family law attorney in Chester NJ.. Read More

What County Should I File in for Divorce?

Unfortunately, there are some situations where it is better for a marriage to come to an end. It can be complicated to resolve a divorce, particularly if there are children involved. That is why it is important for you to rely on a family law attorney in Chester NJ who can help you during this.. Read More

Increasing Child Support Payments: A Lawyer’s Guide

Life changes over time, so it is important for everyone to be prepared. When a divorce takes place involving children, it is not unusual for one spouse to be asked to pay child support to the other spouse. This money is used to support the cost of raising children. The initial calculations of child support.. Read More

What to do if Your Spouse Asks for a Divorce

Unfortunately, as divorce attorneys we often meet with new clients who have been “blindsided” be their spouse asking for a divorce.  It is raw, emotional, and heartbreaking to get these kinds of calls.  As terrifying and upsetting as it may be, though calling an attorney first thing is helpful in more ways than you might.. Read More

How Much Spousal Support Will I Receive After My Divorce?

If you are going through the divorce process, you may be wondering if you are going to have to pay alimony when the divorce is finalized. You might also be wondering if there’s a chance you will receive alimony payments once the judge signs off on the divorce. How does a judge calculate how much.. Read More

2021 Fall Back to School

It is almost time for our children to head back to school, like any other fall-except it is not.  The turmoil surrounding back to school this year is truly inconceivable.  Should students be mandated to receive a Covid-19 vaccine?  Should staff and teachers be mandated to receive a Covid-19 vaccine?  Should there be a mask.. Read More

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation.  Usually, the husband and wife will meet with the mediator without the presence of their respective attorneys.  The mediator is a mutual third party whose job it is to facilitate agreement on the various issues.  The mediator is not an advocate for either party and is not a.. Read More

Most Common Reasons for Divorce

It is unlikely anyone you speak with who is married will argue with the concept that marriage is hard work.  For scores of couples the hard work is worth it.  So why do some couples divorce and others remain married? For most divorcing couples, the marriage disintegrates slowly over time.  The most common reasons given.. Read More

What is a Grey Divorce and Why Are They Surging?

A grey divorce refers to couples divorcing at a later age, typically over 50.  Because of the age of the divorcing couple, it often also means that the marriage has been a lengthy one- regularly 25 years or more and the phrase grey divorce most commonly refers to a first marriage.  Statistics have been showing.. Read More

Divorce: The Best Financial Moves to Make

Often in a relationship one partner “owns” the finances while the other has little to no involvement.  When couples separate, often the partner not involved with the finances can be lost—at such a critical time in their life. If you’re coming out of a relationship as the partner who had minimal involvement in the management.. Read More