Adoptions are, without a doubt, the most joyous part of our practice. Our founding partner Ms. Edens finds adoptions are near and dear to her heart. Most noteworthy, she is herself on two of the sides of the Adoption Triangle. She is adopted herself and has also experienced the joy of adopting her children. Also, Ms. Edens is designated as one of the adoption attorneys recommended by the prestigious Spence-Chapin Adoption Agency in New York City.

If you are looking to adopt within the United States, the Edens Law Group can assist you.  Whether you are using an agency, or plan to adopt privately, we can be instrumental in making sure you are protected.

If you are single, married, a same sex or opposite sex couple we are skilled at the adoption process.  Likewise, we work with those who are adopting through the foster care system.  We have extensive experience with DCP&P.  Furthermore, we are on their roster of adoption attorneys.

Another large part of our adoption practice is stepparent adoptions.  There are many nuances to stepparent adoptions, including obtaining the consent of the birth father and obtaining an order of custody pending adoption.  Again, our skilled attorneys can guide you through through the process.

Most adoptions require a home study.  A home study is conducted by an approved agency and entails a visit to your home both prior to the child being placed with you and after.  Although, these home studies can be emotionally difficult, we will walk you through the process to put your mind at ease.  Likewise, a background check may be required.

Because Edens Law Group is one of a handful of adoption attorneys, we are able to easily access these resources for you.  Let us help make this joyous experience simple and stress free.

Adoptions Family Law Attorney in Chester NJ

We can help prospective parents, step-parents and grandparents step-by-step through the adoption process bring a child into their family and home.

If you have any questions regarding adoption please contact an attorney at Edens Law Group, LLC today.