Alimony is the amount of money paid by one spouse to the other.  You may be seeking payment or facing the possibility of paying alimony.  By contacting us, you can be represented by a professional from the office of Edens Law Group, LLC.  All our attorneys are knowledgeable about the specific laws governing these payments.

As many of you know, the alimony laws have recently changed.  Furthermore, these changes can effect everything from the length of payments to how your taxes are paid.  Because of this, we will walk you through any and all options.

For example, we may recommend a lump sum alimony for your case.  This would mean you would pay off (or receive) your alimony at the time of your divorce, or shortly thereafter.  Clients need to know there are consequences on both sides to this method.

Each individual may choose to look at other methods of payment, depending on your individual situation.  You know, or will come to know your financial situation.  Furthermore, we will work with regarding your needs beginning with our initial strategy session.


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The calculation is not based on a fixed formula, but rather various factors are taken into account before a final figure is determined. During your meeting with a Chester alimony attorney at our firm, you can discuss the factors and how it may affect your specific situation.

Contact a lawyer at the law firm of Edens Law Group, LLC to discuss your individual case and needs.