If you are involved, or anticipate being involved, in a high conflict custody case, our attorneys at the law office of Edens Law Group, LLC, are experienced in navigating the minefilds of this particular legal process. You will be represented by one of our professionals who are trained to handle these complex legal matters.

High Conflict Custody Cases New Jersey Divorce Attorney

No matter how involved your issue, we can help. Contact our law office to schedule a strategy session.

You will have one of our attorneys handle a variety of issues, including those involving:

  • Disagreements between the parents
  • Abuse, neglect or domestic violence
  • An alcoholic or drug addicted parent
  • A parent with a mental health problem

These problems are not always obvious initially, so it could be necessary to bring a case back to court to ask the judge to modify the original child custody order.

We work with our clients to prepare their case and we also work with our clients to come up with alternative visitation arrangements including supervised visitation.

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