If you or your spouse live in another state or country, family law matters can become extremely complex. Our New Jersey family court lawyers are up to date on the laws and can advise you of the ramifications of filing divorce complaints and/or custody issues with a party living out of state. Our attorneys are also skilled at cases where a parent wishes to move out of state with the children for relocation purposes.


New Jersey Family Court Lawyers

Military DivorceInternational cases can be even more complex. Although many countries are members of the Hague Convention, which simplifies child custody issues, many other countries are not. Our attorneys can advise you of all your rights regarding divorce and custody in international issues

There are also specific issues regarding divorcing a member of the military, especially during wartime. Our staff of professional family law attorneys has been working with military divorces since the Gulf War. Further, our close proximity to Picatinny Arsenal has given this firm a strong background in military divorce.

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