If your considering a Pre-Nuptial Agreement congratulations on your upcoming marriage. A Pre-Nuptial Agreement is a written agreement that a couple enters into prior to getting married which addresses how they will address the financial aspects of their life should they separate or divorce in the future. Typically, Pre-Nuptial Agreements address the division of assets and spousal support. Prior to signing a Pre-Nuptial Agreement both parties must provide a complete disclosure of their finances – income, assets and debt. Although a Pre-Nuptial Agreement might not be right for every couple we do encourage couples to discuss finances and financial goals prior to marriage. We firmly believe being fully informed about your finances as a couple can only benefit the marriage. If you have any questions regarding Pre-Nuptial Agreements please contact an attorney at Edens Law Group, LLC today.

Pre and Post-Nuptial AgreementsFamily Law Attorney in Chester NJ

Post-Nuptial Agreements are agreements couples enter into after they are married. Sometimes events happen in your life that make a Post-Nuptial Agreement seem like a reasonable option. Perhaps one party received a large inheritance or is starting a business the other party is not going to be involved in. Just like Pre-Nuptial Agreements both parties must freely enter into the Post-Nuptial Agreement. Whether one party is coerced into entering into a Post-Nuptial Agreement is one of the major concerns regarding being able to enforce the agreement in Court. The Post-Nuptial Agreement must also be in writing, notarized and a fair disclosure of finances made to both parties. If you are thinking about entering into a Post-Nuptial Agreement please contact a family law attorney in Chester NJ at Edens Law Group, LLC so we can review the pros and cons.