How to Handle Narcissistic Parental Alienation

When you leave a narcissistic spouse, they may have trouble coping with the end of the relationship. For them, it means losing control and ruining their self-perception. To get back at their partner, they will do whatever they can to destroy them — including using their children as pawns. Parental alienation is a common form.. Read More

How to Prove a Parent isn’t Fit for Custody

While no one is a perfect parent, some can be a danger to their children. Parenting is the most challenging job anyone can have, and nobody does it perfectly. However, there’s a huge difference between an imperfect parent and one that neglects their child. According to New Jersey law, an unfit parent is defined as:.. Read More

Terminating Parental Rights in New Jersey

As a parent, it’s natural to be concerned about the welfare of your child, but you can rest easy knowing there are legal strategies to protect a minor when a parent is not safe or fit to care for them. If you are seeking to terminate the parental rights to protect a child, knowing what.. Read More

What Types of Custody Can You Pursue in New Jersey?

When you are going through a divorce, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with child custody laws to better prepare you for what is to come in your child custody case. Each state has its own variation of custody types and requirements. As for custody in New Jersey, there are several types of custody situations.. Read More

Factors that Affect the New Jersey Divorce Timeline

When couples get divorced, they often want it to go by as fast as possible. However, this isn’t always the case. Numerous factors including New Jersey’s residency requirement, separation periods, and different grounds for divorce can have an impact on how long this process will take to complete. Below, our Chester divorce attorneys examine the.. Read More

Navigating New Jersey Child Custody: What is in a Child’s Best Interest?

When the custody and visitation of a child are at issue, judges consider the child’s “best interests” to determine the custodial schedule contained in the final Custody and Visitation Order, but what does that mean exactly? What is Considered to be in the “Best Interests” of a Child? Judges want to see children raised successfully; their physical,.. Read More

How is Alimony Affected When You Lose Your Job?

In a divorce, there are agreements created that indicate how certain matters will be handled after the marriage is over. One of the most common and most complicated components is alimony, especially when the person responsible for paying experiences a job loss. When the payer loses their job, there are steps that can be taken.. Read More

COVID-19 and Parenting

Yet another issue arising from the Pandemic is the issue of parenting in two separate situations. Schools are closed, and the children are engaging in some sort of remote learning. Depending on the ages of the children this often entails a considerable amount of work for the parents. For parents who are not divorced and.. Read More

Modifying Your Parenting Plan

One thing in life is constant: change. In recent months, all of us have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way, and we’ve had to adjust to the changing circumstances accordingly. Some have lost their financial security while others have directly faced health fears. With shelter-in-place orders and early school closures, divorced families.. Read More


It’s so hard to know where to begin in discussing the pandemic and the world we are all living in right now. As a Divorce lawyer, these are especially turbulent times. The advice we are all being given- be kind to yourself, take stock in where you are in life, use this time of isolation.. Read More