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Experienced Mediators for Divorce & Family Law Issues

Ending a marriage is never easy. Emotions can run high, which makes resolving disputes difficult. Instead of enduring the stress and expense of courtroom litigation, we recommend trying to resolve your case through mediation. Mediation is a better way to resolve divorce and family law issues that can help you avoid the emotional and financial stress of litigation and put you in control of your divorce settlement.

At Edens Law Group, our trained professionals have decades of experience resolving divorce and other family law matters for clients northern New Jersey. Our Chester mediation lawyers firmly believe that divorce does not have to destroy. Mediation is a way to reach a solution that considers everyone’s needs. If you would like to resolve your divorce in this more amicable way, our Chester mediation attorneys are ready to work with you.

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The Mediation Process

In mediation, a neutral third party – the mediator – meets with you and your spouse to help you negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement about the various issues you face. This is done privately in a safe environment where you can discuss your differences and needs openly. It is important in mediation that both you and your spouse are willing to cooperate and remain focused on reaching a mutually agreeable resolution.

Mediators strive to keep the communication flowing and to help you find creative options that will be satisfactory to both parties. It is a way to help you remain in control of the terms of your divorce or family law issue instead of leaving the decision up to a judge.

Mediation can be especially helpful to individuals who have children as it eases the strain on everyone involved. It is also helpful to parties who are focused on conserving limited assets as it is a cost-effective solution for dealing with the divorce process and resulting issues. Mediation also allows for innovative solutions that the litigation process cannot offer.

Attorney Ann Edens of Edens Law Group is approved by the N.J. Administrative Office of the Courts as a Divorce and Family Mediator. She has decades of experience handling cases just like yours.

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