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Alimony is the payment one ex-spouse pays the other during or after a divorce. New Jersey law has established several different types of alimony to address the needs of the spouse who has little or no earning power or whose financial condition will suffer significantly due to the divorce.

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Alimony in New Jersey

Alimony is not meant to punish or reward. It is meant to help the parties be able to live on a somewhat fair and equal basis until the lower-earning spouse can become financially independent.

In New Jersey, alimony can be awarded:

  • On a temporary basis while the divorce is pending
  • On a limited basis until the receiving spouse can become self-supporting
  • On a permanent basis, generally in the case of a long marriage and where other factors support such an award
  • As a rehabilitative award to provide financial resources for education or training that will lead to a new job or career
  • As reimbursement to a spouse who provided necessary support for his or her partner to advance education or training in pursuit of a career

Courts can order one or a combination of support options to be paid on a monthly basis. Alimony can also be sought as a lump-sum payment.

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