A critical area of disagreement between spouses is often the issue of asset distribution. Both parties want to keep what they believe is rightfully theirs. Through this process, you will be guided by our lawyers at Edens Law Group, LLC.  Further, we will explain your rights and how marital property is divided.

In N.J. asset distribution is also known as equitable distribution.  This creates an important distinction from other states.  You, as the client, will be expected to divide your assets and debts in a way that is fair to both parties.  This may not mean 50/50.  Although assets and debts are often divided equally, there are many factors to consider.

We will explore your knowledge of the family assets and debts during your initial meeting with an attorney at the Edens Law Group.  Because we offer a one hour free strategy session, this issue will be discussed in depth.  We will begin to formulate a solution to fit your family’s needs.

Our attorneys will look for certain assets that may be considered exempt, and we will begin to carve them out.  Because we want the best possible outcome for you, the negotiations will focus there.  Only you know what is your best result.

Most importantly, know that the attorneys at Edens Law Group listen to you.


Asset Distribution

New Jersey Family Court Lawyer

You and your attorney will work to resolve any asset distribution matters efficiently and with the best possible outcome. Asset preservation is of paramount concern to all our lawyers. Our firm will use outside resources where necessary, such as accountants and appraisers, in situations where assets, businesses, and lifestyles must be analyzed.

Contact an attorney at the law office of Edens Law Group, LLC today to learn how our firm may be able to help you. We can discuss your rights, any settlement issues, as to whether your various assets and debts are subject to distribution.