If you are faced with a divorce and you have children you may have concerns regarding post high school education.  Many people do not know that this indeed an important point of the negotiation process.  First of all, you may be concerned that there will be enough money to pay for college or a trade school.  Particularly if your children are older, this may be coming up rather quickly.

Assuming you have saved money for these costs, it will most likely be pulled out of your asset division and held for the children.  Parents who have not had the resources to save money will negotiate how these bills will be paid.  You may want the children to be partially responsible for their costs.  Your spouse may disagree.  Some clients want the costs paid pursuant to respective salaries.  Further, other clients believe the children should take out all loans available to them.  Children may receive scholarships and grants to help.

In addition, parents can disagree regarding the choice of institution.  Likewise, the child may want to have input.  Your spouse may want to limit the child to an in state school.  Furthermore, as parents paying for college can be he biggest expense you will face.  Decisions made in advance will smooth the process.

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