If you have recently gone through a divorce or other family law circumstance that caused the court to have to make a decision concerning custody of a child or child support, then depending upon the decision, you might not be very happy with the outcome. Chances are if your spouse received full custody of your children, or you were ordered to pay an astronomical amount of child support that you cannot afford to pay, you have qualms about the court’s decision. Edens Law Group are NJ child custody lawyers who know all the statutes pertaining to family law in the state of New Jersey. They also have experience with dealing with the court and know the proper way and the timeframes in which to file appeals.

Is the court’s decision the final verdict? Is there no way to get out of a court ruling? In some cases, it may be possible for you to appeal a court’s decision on custody or child support, but in order for you to do so, it is extremely important that you retain the services of NJ child custody lawyers like Edens Law Group.

When you appeal a court decision, you are essentially claiming that you think the lower court order was wrong in some sense. Your appeal will be heard by a higher court that will look at all the evidence pertaining to your case to decide whether or not a legal error was made. It is important to note that an appeal does not necessarily allow you to redo your trial. You may not be able to submit new evidence. That is part of why it is so important to have a good attorney on your side. Your attorney has the negotiation and legal skills to help sway the courts in your favor. To begin your case to determine your available options, contact Edens Law Group today.