Yet another issue arising from the Pandemic is the issue of parenting in two separate situations. Schools are closed, and the children are engaging in some sort of remote learning. Depending on the ages of the children this often entails a considerable amount of work for the parents. For parents who are not divorced and living together this often brings to light differences in parenting styles. These differences, while most likely always there, are accentuated with everyone home. This can often lead to trouble between the parents, and can impact an already fragile relationship extensively.

The other issue that arises is with divorced parents who share custody. Often there is one parent who is concerned that the other parent is exposed to others who may be infected, whether through work or commuting or other factors. There is great concern about exposing the children to this virus. If you are experiencing either of these issues, or any other family matter, please reach out to our divorce lawyers at EDENS LAW GROUP 908 879 9499 for a free one hour remote strategy session.

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