In a divorce case, every aspect of the children’s lives has to be considered when making agreements on how to proceed with care. This even extends to how to provide for children who are on their way to college and need the financial assistance of their parents. Generally, parents rely on the marital settlement argument to determine which parent is responsible for the child at a certain time. However, the MSA may not necessarily state how much each parent is expected to contribute to a child’s expenses for college. A divorce attorney in Chester NJ should be contacted to advise on how to proceed. Parents should work with a New Jersey family law firm that will help create a plan for covering such costs for their children they both can agree upon. The highly skilled staff at the Edens Law Group can work with you to prepare an agreement that clearly Indicates how the parents wish to fund their children’s education.

The amount that is to be contributed should be decided on based on what the parents are able to afford. It is best to have this documented in the event that one of the parents, or the child, seek to attend a more expensive school. If this does occur, the parents will only be required to pay what has been agreed to. A divorce attorney in Chester NJ should be hired to handle creating the terms of this agreement so that they specifically state what each parent is responsible for.

The Edens Law Group is a New Jersey family law firm that can help parents as they anticipate college costs for their children. Contact our office so that our attorneys can assist you in planning for this future step in your children’s lives.