Child custody is a very complicated legal issue and can be the most important aspect of a divorce or separation. The best interest of the child should always come first. Some parents do not want the other parent involved in the child’s life. There are many reasons such a situation can exist as family dynamics vary from family to family. However, conflict arising over a dependent child can easily create more problems for all the parties in the long run, including the child as they grow up. Approaching the court proceedings and the litigation process reasonably is always to best step, and it is a step that is best accomplished with professional legal representation from the New Jersey family attorneys at Edens Law Group, LLC located in Chester, NJ.

Married and Unmarried Parents

The New Jersey Court System offers Parenting Time and Custody Mediation. This service of the court is offered in high conflict custody cases between divorcing couples and separating couples who were never married. Mediation can result in a Custody and Parenting Time Order before the case actually goes before a judge.
Mediation is an excellent method of discussing issues that a parent would prefer left out of the actual recorded court proceeding, as mediation is and informal negotiation between the two parents and is confidential.
High conflict cases that cannot be resolved through mediation are more complicated. Effective legal representation can be an advantage when the parents are not able to reach an agreement as to custody and parenting time. Parents have basic rights in custodial disputes, as do the children, and your family law attorney can advocate for your rights.

Anyone in New Jersey dealing with a high conflict child custody issue should contact New Jersey family attorneys at Edens Law Group, LLC for a full case evaluation.