The dissolution of your marriage is a tragic event, but it need not destroy your life. Indeed, the marriage need not end in divorce. You may instead be able to attain an annulment. The latter is a court procedure that ends a marriage. The difference is that in an annulment the law takes the view that you were never married. Annulments are rare and may be difficult and costly to obtain.

If you want to annul your marriage, you will need the help of an annulment attorney in Chester NJ.

Grounds for a Civil Annulment in New Jersey

Residents of New Jersey can attain a binding civil annulment for any of the following reasons:

– You or your spouse were under 18 when you married

-Owing to mental illness or extreme drunkenness you or your spouse did not understand you were marrying

-You were forced to marry under threat or duress

-Incurable impotence that was unknown at the time of the marriage

-Bigamy on the part of you or your spouse

-You or your spouse are too closely related (incest)

-You or your spouse married under false pretenses (fraud)

How to Obtain an Annulment

To annul your marriage, you must fill out a “complaint for annulment” form. You will need to provide information about yourself, your spouse, your children, and the grounds for the annulment. This should be done in consultation with an annulment attorney in Chester NJ.

Your spouse will then be served with the petition. If your spouse agrees to the annulment, the judge will annul the marriage through decree. Once this happens, it will be as though the marriage never existed.

The judge will typically not award alimony. However, they can make no decisions about the distribution of property. The things that belong to you will stay with you; the things that your spouse owns, they will keep.

It is important to retain the services of a high-quality Chester New Jersey law firm during an annulment. Edens Law Group is a Chester New Jersey law firm that can help you through the process. You should contact Edens Law Group to discuss your options.

  1. Lack of desire to have children that was lied about at the time of marriage
  2. If the wife is pregnant by another man and does not disclose same at the time of the marriage
  3. One spouse lies about being addicted to alcohol or drugs
  4. Misrepresentation of religious beliefs which is major factor to the marriage itself
  5. One spouse only marries for the purpose of obtaining citizenship.