While no one is a perfect parent, some can be a danger to their children. Parenting is the most challenging job anyone can have, and nobody does it perfectly. However, there’s a huge difference between an imperfect parent and one that neglects their child.

According to New Jersey law, an unfit parent is defined as:

  • Someone that is grossly immoral or unfit to be entrusted with the care and education of a child
  • Someone that fails to provide a child with proper protection, maintenance, or education
  • Someone that has vicious, careless, or dissolute habits that endanger a child’s welfare

In addition, to prove a parent unfit, you must show that the child suffered harm while in the care of their other parent.

Proving a Parent Unfit

Proving that a parent is unfit for custody can be very difficult. Courts favor custody decisions that keep children with both of their parents. In high-conflict divorces, it’s not uncommon for parents to accuse each other of being unfit parents, which is why judges and mediators take these accusations very seriously. The court will need substantial proof that the child is mentally or physically harmed by their parent in order to prove unfitness.

To prove that a parent is not fit for custody, you need to provide a history of the parent’s behavior and how it has impacted the child. This might include:

  • Photos, audio/video recordings, social media posts, phone messages/texts/emails
  • Medical records, substance abuse rehab records, X-rays, and test results
  • School psychologist reports, teacher’s reports, disciplinary reports
  • Criminal records, probationary reports, physical/domestic abuse claims

A skilled Chester family law attorney can provide you with more guidance on submitting evidence that proves your child has been put in danger by an unfit parent.

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If a parent in New Jersey is declared an unfit parent, they may face serious consequences that impact not only their lives but also their child’s as well. Evidence of unfitness toward one child may also result in the parent losing custodial rights to their other children, even if there was no evidence of neglect towards the other children. In any custody case, the court ultimately wants to uphold the child’s best interest when deciding if custodial rights should be revoked.

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