We are fast approaching the ten-year anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriages in New Jersey.  While ten years is a drop in the bucket compared to opposite sex marriages, it is still an important milestone and perhaps a good time to look at some statistics regarding divorce, even in light of the difficulties in drawing any “set in stone” conclusions.

First and foremost, it is important to recognize one, that “long term” marriages cannot be considered because of the laws.  This may obviously skew statistics when it comes to overall numbers.  This is particularly true in light of the substantial increase in “grey” divorces, or divorces between older people (aged 50 and above).

A second but equally important consideration is the adverse and inherent difficulties that still face same-sex couples, married or not.  Along with unjust biases, there are also challenges in starting families.  This includes both possible increased costs as well as fundamental decisions on preferred approaches to becoming a family.

All that being said, statistics are showing that lesbian couples are more accepted by society than gay males.  However, lesbian couples have a higher divorce rate than their male counterparts.  The cause of this may be the simple fact that women in general are more likely to initiate a divorce.  In simple numbers, women are 70-80% more likely to file for divorce than men.  One school of thought is that women tend to have higher expectations.

In conclusion, however, marriages will have their ups and downs, no matter an individual’s sexuality.  Again, statistically, it is emerging that same-sex couples show some advantages in avoiding divorce by their ability to control the natural conflict found in marriage, whether through humor, ability to not take issues personally, or simply keeping calm in the face of differences.

If you are contemplating divorce, it its crucial to speak with a skilled Divorce attorney, and more so to speak with one well versed in same-sex divorces.  The laws may be the same, but the challenges can be markedly different.  Call one of experienced family law attorneys today at 908 879 9499 and set up a strategy session to gather the information important to you.