A custody agreement has many rules to follow for both parents to ensure that the child/ren have the best living environment possible. This arrangement may also have stipulations for parents that wish to move to a new location. Before a parent who wishes to move out of state with the child/ren, they must abide by certain rules.  In essence, they must either have the consent of the non-custodial parent or consent from the court. Failure to report a move can be detrimental to that parent’s time with the child. A New Jersey family law firm can walk you through the steps you need to take to apply to the family court regaining your proposed move. A child support attorney in Chester NJ will explain the process to change the domicile of the child/ren so that they can live with the parent in the new state.

At Edens Law Group, we specialize in helping families make the best decisions possible for their living arrangements. When a move is proposed, this means that most likely will have an impact on the parenting schedule. When you contact a New Jersey family law firm, a lawyer will explain how certain moves can drastically change how the time is divided. For example, when both parents are in the same city, it is easy to keep the child’s life as it previously was with school, activity, and social arrangements. However, if a parent moves further away, the child may only spend summers and school breaks with them. It is best to contact a child support attorney in Chester NJ so that you can properly request this change from the court.

If you are in need of a change in your current custody order, contact the Edens Law Group. We will use our expertise to create a plan that works best for all parties while putting the needs of the children first.