Most divorce cases settle. Some do not. What happens if your case is one of the few that does not settle? A divorce trial. At trial both parties present their arguments as to what they want and why they are legally entitled to it. Positions are presented through testimony of the parties, introduction of documentary evidence, testimony of third parties and testimony of experts. Depending on the complexity of the trial it can last anywhere from one day to several weeks, or even months. Litigants are not guaranteed continuous trial days. This means that you could have trial for one or two days the first week and then return for additional days of trial weeks later. Trials can cover every issue in a case; or be limited to a few issues if the parties reached a partial agreement on a few issues. At the end of the trial the Judge who hears the trial makes the final decision on any issues brought before the Court. The Judge’s decision is placed into a Final Judgment of Divorce. Trials should not be entered into lightly and only as a last resort if the parties cannot settle. If you have questions about the trial process contact our experienced attorneys for a free consultation.