The Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) is designed to keep children safe and help rehabilitate families. Parents who have been on the receiving end of the DCP&P’s policies regarding child welfare, however, may not necessarily see the positive attributes of an entity that has the power to remove children from the home if the living conditions are perilous. Those who have pending cases with the DCP&P should not endure the process alone. Contacting family lawyers in New Jersey such as those with Edens is the best way to be heard and get a fair hearing.

What is the role of DCP&P?
DCP&P launches an investigation whenever there is a question of whether a child receives proper care from a parent or guardian. Drug use and exposure to other criminal activity is a definite cause for DCP&P to start an investigation into a parent or legal guardian’s activity regarding the children. Leaving a toddler in a hot car for a few minutes may also spark an investigation.

Ultimately, the DCP&P wants to ensure that the needs of the child are met. The department only removes a child from the parent or legal guardian’s care when the issues present are so dire that leaving the minor in the home would be more harmful than good.

Do all DCP&P investigations end in the children being taken away?
All DCP&P inquiries do not have the same outcome. There are instances where the worker does not find substantiated evidence of neglect and, thus, leaves the child or children with the parent or guardian. There are also cases where the worker finds alarming traits that can be corrected.

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