“You know why divorces are so expensive? They’re worth it.”

–Willie Nelson

As a Client Intake and Experience Specialist, one of the biggest questions I get asked by potential clients calling about divorce is “how much will a divorce cost me?”  I try to explain to people that it’s impossible to quote an exact “all in” price because no two divorces are the same. Even what are seemingly the most “simple” and “amicable” divorces on the surface can become more complicated—or even flat out ugly—once the process begins.  Sure, hiring an attorney you found on a placemat at a Diner (while you were eating your feelings stressing about your divorce—no judgement) for $299 seems like a great idea. But it’s likely too good to be true and it could cost you a LOT more emotionally and financially in the long run.   Not all attorneys are created equal!  Some attorneys just “dabble” in divorce and family law, while others (like us) have devoted their entire career and law firm to family law.

Especially if you have children, valuable assets, or a contentious spouse, the value of having an experienced family law attorney will be impactful in many ways.  Your efforts to “save” in the short term by retaining the “dabbler” could jeopardize your future, and the future of your children if they aren’t up to speed on all the nuances of divorce law and litigation.  As the old saying goes “you get what your pay for.” There is no substitute for quality legal services and guidance—especially with so much at stake.

You might even consider moving forward with the divorce without an attorney to avoid or “save” on legal fees. Can you do this?  Sure.  Will we encourage it?  Not likely.  But it has nothing to do with wanting to “take your money” (We hear this a lot too).  It’s because we know it’s a complicated process and trying to navigate it on your own even under the BEST of circumstances is difficult—and can be detrimental to a successful outcome for you.  Nine times out of ten—potential clients that that try to tackle a divorce on their own end up back in our office because they realize quickly that Google does not a law degree make—and things can go sideways quickly as a Pro Se (fancy Latin term for—self represented) litigant.  I try to tell potential clients, hiring an attorney is like taking out an insurance policy; You don’t know just how much you need it and are thankful that you have it until you stand (or are about) to lose something that is very important to you.

That said—as someone who’s NOT an attorney and has been in your shoes (Payless NOT Louboutins)—I know a divorce retainer can seem like a huge financial hurdle.  I also know that if I could channel my inner Cher and “turn back time” –I would absolutely STILL divorce him all over again—but I would do it with an attorney!

Give me a call!  Let’s talk about your options—because conversations with ME are free!