1. Be discriminating and selective in your choice of Divorce Attorney.  Remember, you will be entrusting the most important aspects of your life to this person to work in partnership with you.  First and foremost need to be your children, as well as your financial future.  While cost is of course a basic and logical concern, make sure you balance that with the attorney’s overall experience and the comfort you feel with his or her approach to working with and for you.
  2. You should be very selective in choosing outside people with whom you discuss your case, and be very careful when making statements, either verbal or (especially) written.  While attorneys have rules of confidentiality, co-workers, friends and family do not.  This is not to say that people you trust would intentionally harm you in any way, nor should you give up your support systems at this difficult time.  Simply pause and choose for yourself whether the information you are about to share could be harmful to you in any setting.
  3. Likewise, be careful of your Internet activity and participation on social networking sites. It is very common now for attorneys to search the Internet for information which may help their client’s case and hurt the other party. If it is impractical or not possible to stop all involvement on these sites for the duration of the litigation, participate on such sites on a very limited basis until your legal matter is concluded. Do not comment on the status of the litigation or your opinions about your spouse, boyfriends/girlfriends, other professionals involved in the litigation (such as judges). Further, refrain from sharing your social activities on such sites.
  4. Practice self-care in any form that is right for you. Yoga, meditation, running marathons, journalling- whatever it is that you need to be your best to face the difficult times ahead is essential, and you need to carve out the time for you.

These are just a few tips to prepare you for the journey ahead.  A skilled divorce attorney will include this information to help you with the process.  Call one of our attorneys at Edens Law Group, 908 879 9499 today to start you off right.