Since the Pandemic, initial divorce consults have been very different than pre-pandemic, yet the questions are similar or the same.  Whether by telephone, Zoom or in person here is what you need to know:


  1. How does the divorce process work in New Jersey?

The attorney will give you the steps you need to take to start a divorce proceeding, as well as how the process proceeds through the Courts.

  1. How can I best protect my children?

This is often multi-faceted, depending on the details of your case.  Variables are the ages of the child(ren), whether both parents work, whether there has been domestic violence or addiction issues with one or both parents, and special needs of the child(ren) to name a few.  Be prepared with a list of your greatest concerns.

  1. How can I protect myself financially?

The attorney will give you a blueprint of information you should begin gathering to help you along the way.  Sometimes one party knows the finances and the other party is in the dark.  In either case it is important to be prepared for what is to come, so you can benefit from the best possible financial outcome.

  1. Will I be working solely with the attorney I am consulting with and what is the attorney’s experience level?

Different firms work in a variety of ways.  It is important to understand how the Law Firm is structured.  When you are having your initial consultation, it is valuable for you as the client to not only question what the attorney thinks, but to assess how you would like to proceed.  Very commonly, issues like cost, continuity, best use of resources within the firm and your comfort level in a very personal and stressful situation are discussed.  It is also important to understand how long the attorney has worked in the field of Family Law, as the lawyer’s experience level can directly affect the costs.

  1. How much will my divorce cost?

Yes, this is an essential yet increasingly difficult question that needs to be addressed.  It is essential that you be up front with the attorney you are speaking with as to your finances, and equally as important the attorney be up front with you.  The more experienced the attorney is in the field the more accurate the estimate will be.  Be ready to put your concerns on the table and have an honest and open conversation.