Your experience in divorce court depends on where you are in your case. The Edens Law Group handles many kinds of divorce cases, both contested and uncontested. No matter what the case, at some point you will stand before a judge in a divorce court.

Mediation and Divorce Court

If you have gone through the mediation process, you may only need to go to court for the final divorce trial. You and your spouse will have worked with a lawyer to iron out the details of the separation agreement ahead of time. If a court date is required there are some things you should know.

Dress appropriately. This is a formal proceeding.

Be prepared to wait. Your case may not be the first on the court docket.

Speak only when asked a question. Your attorney or possibly the judge will ask you a series of questions before making a final decision. Answer simply and honestly.

Be prepared for some emotion. The end of a marriage may fill you with a combination of sadness, anger and relief. You might want to bring tissues to court.

Contested Divorce Hearings

If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement outside of the courtroom, you will appear with your lawyer at a divorce trial. The purpose of this trial is to allow a judge to make the decision about difficult issues like child custody and property division. This process is different from the final trial and requires some extra advice.

Do not confront your spouse. You may be angry and upset, but it is important that you only speak when you are asked to speak.

Depend on your New Jersey divorce lawyers. It is tempting to try to handle the case yourself, but you are too close to the case to think clearly and fairly.

At the Edens Law Group, we know that every marriage and every divorce is unique. Our New Jersey divorce lawyers can help you through this difficult process. Contact us today for a free, one-hour strategy session.