We all loved summer vacation as a child. As an adult it’s a little more stressful. If you work full time you have to figure out where the children are going to be while you work. If you are a divorced parent even the thought of summer vacation can induce a panic attack. Everything can potentially become twice as difficult.

Some of the issues we address in our offices at the start of every summer are: Which parent gets which week for vacation? Or, How many weeks can I take my children on vacation? One week? Two weeks? Can they be consecutive? What will the children do all summer? Will the children be attending summer camp? If the children are attending summer camp who will pay for it? Can my spouse take my child overseas on vacation? Can I?

As with so many issues in a divorce communication is key to getting through them. A well drafted Marital Settlement Agreement can answer all of the above questions. And the benefit to the Marital Settlement Agreement is you know the answer before summer ever arrives. For example, a common clause in a Marital Settlement Agreement is: The parties shall decide by April 1st of each year which weeks they will be taking the children for summer vacation. In even years the Wife shall have first choice and in odd years the Husband shall have first choice.

Negotiating issues like summer parenting time is something we do on a regular basis during the divorce process. There is no reason to leave these issues until the beginning of Summer. While we are always happy to help our client’s with issues are goal is to have questions answered sooner as opposed to later and avoid in panic attacks. Contact divorce attorneys in Chester NJ at Edens Law Group, LLC today.